Namewee fuck TNB 停電了!黃明志大鬧國家能源局

1 comments Tuesday, October 27, 2009
those people that only know how to dig a hole in our pocket. now is time to make them regret!! utility breakdown in a development country Malaysia is such a disgrace. without electricity make people job undone or in a slower pace but there are none refund from those assholes.

hands up salute NAMEWEE for a better future

enjoy this great video!!

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~~Age is Catching Up~~

0 comments Thursday, October 8, 2009
When we are young everything is possible. As time passes by and for a old folk like me i have tasted almost everything and even enjoy my life to the maximum. Now I'm just caught in the middle of decision. Nobody could give me a helping hand but i believe that only time will prove it. In the younger days, although stupidity arise in me but still it is the best moment in life as there are none responsibility to be carried on even temper gone like burning fire. What i dislike is rubbish what i like is gold.
Now me entering 20's although I'm not a great man but thank god that i could control my temper and has a great thinking mind more calm even has further thoughts towards others.
Just waiting that when the days come i could slowly solve it in a greater manner and ways.
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0 comments Monday, October 5, 2009
I'm just caught in the middle of decision..
I can't perform to my desire..
All things are done in a half hanging way..
Lots of happy times which moves in a faster pace..
Left the only suffering moment..
There's only hope and pray where time could heal the wound..
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i'm haf way bACK!! wif LAUGHING GOR aka Turning Point!!

0 comments Thursday, September 3, 2009
this blog is dead for a period of time.. nvm the owner nw is reviving it again.. yea!! exam period nw but i stil aint reading a single notes.. this what we called it "smart student"..

Now here is a piece of my mind and thoughts about LAUGHING GOR aka Turning Point!!

i rate this movie as 7/10.. this is movie is quite a laughter in the beginning but a noob ending!! beware as its not suitable 4 kids.. quite few scenes where mob fight!! head breaking ceremony!! and some quite 'chao sui' moment.. FALA CHEN awarded her kisses and body into this movie.. pls support yea.. anyway the fashion designer i think they are animate brains.. making the actor like having cosplay!!.. omg!!

head breaking ceremony!!

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s2pid TBR (tmn bunga raya resident) attn:TARCIAN

5 comments Friday, June 12, 2009
I wonder how today i m so unlucky.. 1st coffee in my car is accidentally pour out..
2nd duno which noob ass flattened my car tyres.. all 4 tyres.. FYI all tarcian out there.. beware parking ur car in the resident area around TBR.. those brainless pig or so called BABI.. will dmg ur car.. wtf!!! i din park at their hse also!! oni beside playground!!

Wat the hell those sohai babi think they are.. parking beside the playground will make their life suffer izit.. those BABI i swear them when they are on the road alwiz sueh-sueh for whole life..

okok.. nw TARCIAN out there please becareful when u park your car.. those SOHAI BABI will dmg ur car.. now the blackspot nt 2 park your car is around the mosque and inside resident area.. they either punctured your tyres o spray ur car n mayb smash ur glass.. so becareful..
we go TARC is 2 study!!! not waste time taking car of the car!!

when its going 4 repair.. sad T.T

this wat happen..

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1 comments Wednesday, May 20, 2009
now i finally get into a labour job.. distributing business directory in industrial area..
my 1st experience in this job as it required interpersonal skills to communicate with different kind of people in race, language, position an many more..
yea!! I'm lucky though meeting with different different types of OL(office lady) from young to old..
yea photos is still at my boss there..
i will b uploading them asap when i get them..
now how this job should b done.. as easy as ABC.. take those directory books enter business premises or factory and go to the receptionist and tell them:

"Hello, I'm from Infotoday may i meet your manager o any person in charge?"

easy script?? we meet them n gif them the directory books and take their business card.. done..

another method is the "ular method" jz take the books n throw into their factory or giving them to their guards and tell them "important document required by ur office manager"..
those guards ain't brainless having thought that they are doing some great job for their boss.. lol.. actually is only a simple advertising book..

finish the job bout 4.30p.m went bac home... and get our salary paid..
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International sign (only in malaysia)

0 comments Tuesday, May 19, 2009
hei hei.. dun play play ar.. i tell best in Malaysia and some say sudirman cup.. funny??
nowadays we as road user we have temper.. a tortoise driver driving on the fast lane u will honk him and show him the national sign.. (NAH oOo)..
others that disobey traffic rules will also be the same..
overtake him n show him (nananana so so wat FUCK U!!)
n there goes the national sign (NAH oOo)

now even politician also does the same.. something does not agree with them there goes the same.. athelete also the same..

no harms posting bout U

Koo Kien Keat??

(KKK is innocent jz frustation toward his racquet)
ended up china media bad gossip

lecturer teaching Lenz law

(I'm innocent!!! cuz syllabus ask to teach Faraday n Lenz law)
i love his style.. modern education..

myself also love this national sign.. its only shown as sign of disagreement.. so?? what's bad bout this?? its only a sign of frustation or disagreement.. o mayb there misunderstanding towards that finger.. aint harms towards that finger..
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